Wim van Vliet began his own car business on his father’s farm in 1964. In the village of Woubrugge he mainly kept himself busy tinkering on Volkswagen Beetles. He offered the repaired cars for sale under the apple trees at the side of the road. Wim moved to the village garage on the Aardamseweg in Ter Aar in 1969 and in 1987 Van Vliet Auto was established at Westkanaalweg 52.

From father to sons
In 1985 Peter van Vliet joined the business and in 1991 son Mark. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the business, Wim officially handed over the reins to his sons. In addition to used cars, they now also sell company cars from the second location at Westkanaalweg 52a.

Authorised dealer
As one of the first car dealers in the Netherlands, Van Vliet Auto became a member of BOVAG (association of motor car garage and allied traders), now 50 years ago. In 2010 the company became a Bosch Car Service point and the garage is, of course, RDW (Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information) and NAP (National Auto Pass) approved.