APK inspection

For your annual APK inspection (MOT test), you have come to the right place at Van Vliet Auto. If you combine the APK inspection with a major overhaul, we will carry out the APK inspection free of charge. We will also give you an honest opinion on any necessary future repairs and the estimated costs. In this regard it is particularly important to note that we never lose sight of your safety.

Rules for the APK inspection
The rules for APK inspections have changed recently. A recalculation has taken place in the meantime and a distinction has now been made between petrol and diesel vehicles. Is your car ready for an APK inspection? You can check this by entering your registration number on the website of Bosch Car Service. If your car is serviced by us, you will automatically receive a message when it’s almost time for the next APK inspection.

Further information
Would you like to know more about the APK inspection or schedule an appointment? Contact us on +31 (0)172 600589 or at werkplaats@vanvlietauto.nl.